Super Paper Industries LLC, we believe that protecting the environment is a key part of our business. We consider it our duty to ensure that all aspects of our business incorporate environmental initiatives wherever possible.

We continually Endeavour to ensure that respect for the environment remains an important guiding principle in our day-to-day activities and future expansion plans.



Use of Natural Resources

As a converter of soft tissue products most of our products are currently made using wood pulp. In relation to this we strive to ensure that we only purchase tissue from producers who have a stringent environmental policy and are able to demonstrate that they are managing the woodlands as a sustainable resource. Additionally, we require either FSC or equivalent accreditation or a plan evidencing efforts to attain such accreditations.

In an effort to further reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, initiatives are in place to increase our use of recycled tissue in the manufacture of our products. This has already commenced with the use of tissue manufactured from 100% recycled fibre, a majority of which is sourced from post consumer waste supply streams via local authorities, kerb side collections and bona fide waste management organizations.

Use of Energy

The use of energy efficiently is seen an important factor of our manufacturing processes. Specific control measures are in place to ensure efficient use of energy thereby limiting the impact on the environment.


Super Paper Industries LLC, we recognize the huge impact that transportation has on the environment. We therefore Endeavour to ensure that road miles are reduced as much as possible by purchasing locally wherever possible and reducing or eliminating empty vehicle miles.

Use of Packaging

A reduction in the use of packaging is a major factor in the development of all products at Super Paper Industries LLC whilst all existing product packaging is constantly monitored to reduce or eliminate it altogether wherever practicable. In addition, efforts are being made to covert some plastic packaging to compostable materials.


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